Puzzles, Games, and Toys

I love to find new puzzles and games to recreate. They are fun to build and fun to play with.

They make awesome gifts and would be easy to sell.

Puzzles can vary in skill level but for the most part, require basic woodworking tools.

I was at a local bookstore and saw some wooden puzzles on my way out and the Tangram Hexiamond puzzle caught my eye. Each piece can be made of up 6 equilateral triangles, and consists of 12 pieces all unique with their own names. The bar, crook, crown, sphinx, snake, yacht, chevron, signpost, lobster, hook, hexagon, and butterfly. After drawing the shapes I looked for repetitive shapes that would simplify the process. In making this…


A few years ago before all of the Minecraft pixel builds took off and before I really started posting to my YouTube channel I had made my daughter wooden Pixel Pickaxe and posted it on Reddit, It was by far the most popular thing I Have posted on Reddit to date, and so I decided to rebuild it, but this time as a two-part series I will also be making a Pixel Sword that you can see here on YouTube.

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