In the fall I had wanted to do some turning but didn’t want to do anything too big so I tried my hand ay making some Wooden Tops. I watched an awesome video from Worth Effort that really helped me get this down, as you can tell by the thumbnail, I made a few 🙂

Shawn goes into a lot more details here so please check out his channel.

To start, I chose to use a spindle gouge and a bowl gouge. I know that the spindle gouge is the better and probably correct tool to use but for whatever reason, I had a lot more success using my bowl gouge.

In any case, I start by defining the shape of the bottom sanding if needed then work my way back to define the handle.  I would do my sanding final sanding before applying a finish, I chose to use a Beeswax and mineral oil finish.

When choosing the wood, a hard tight grain wood works best. I have the most consistent results using Maple, but Walnut also worked well. Avoid using any wood with knits, mixed sapwood, or figure as the tops will end up uneven and wobble too much.

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My name is Adam Patterson and I am located in Canada. By day, I am a full-time web developer, but in my spare time, I love to make stuff. In my videos, you will find a variety of woodworking projects that I have created out of recycled and found materials. As a father and mountain biker, I enjoy spending time outdoors and capturing my adventures through photography.

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