Ever find a hidden treasure that sparked inspiration? In this video, I take you on a journey as I transform a piece of salvaged leather, found on a riverbank, into a beautiful and functional pen sheath. This is my first ever leatherworking project, and I’m excited to share the process with you, from cleaning and prepping the leather to cutting, stitching, and finishing the final product.

This video is perfect for anyone who loves DIY projects, upcycling, or simply enjoys the beauty of handcrafted leather goods, and wants to see if leatherworking is for them.

What you’ll learn:

How to identify and assess salvaged leather for beginners Basic leatherworking techniques (cutting, stitching, finishing) Creating a simple and functional pen sheath

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My name is Adam Patterson and I am located in Canada. By day, I am a full-time web developer, but in my spare time, I love to make stuff. In my videos, you will find a variety of woodworking projects that I have created out of recycled and found materials. As a father and mountain biker, I enjoy spending time outdoors and capturing my adventures through photography.

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