About Me


My name is Adam Patterson and I’m a full-time programmer and father.

Whether it was taking apart old blenders or industrial motors with my Dad or re-weld bikes together or building go-carts with Grandfather. Since I was a young kid, I have been curious about how things work, and using whatever resources I had available to me at the time loved to make things. I can remember spending hours snooping through my Dad’s shop.

Throughout school, I took shop, electronics, photography, drafting, and computers. I won a few awards for some “inventions” that I created.

During this time I was also obsessed with bikes, I had countless BMX, found and fixed up road bikes, some older classic mustangs ( that I regret not keeping ), and eventually bought some real bikes.

As I got older and began to take apart and repair my own bikes, I also began to get into website development in the late 90’s and built a number of websites for some Canadian riders and frame builders. They had no idea, but I would contact them to show them and let them know what I had made I would receive letters thanking me for support.

After High School I was interested in 3D, Video, Programming, Cooking ( Because Jamie Oliver was an idol to me ), and yes still bikes!

I had gone to an openhouse for a culinary school and part of the entrance rewuriements was to interview a Chef and so I sent Jamie oliver an email who I’m sure sent back a “reply” that made me realize that cooking wasnt for me. It was something I enjoyed to do but not what I wanted to do and so I chose Multi Media as it was called at the time.

After graduating from school in 2002 there really wasn’t much opportunity for a 20 something and so I took a greyhound down to Ashland Oregon and took a course to become a bike mechanic.

Not only was it my first time away from home for so long, it was my first time to the United States and have some really fond memories.

Coming back home I got a job as a bike mechanic at one of Canadas largest bike shops where I spent the next 5 years working on bikes and working on updating their process for booking bikes. Eventually, I started to train other mechanics and during this time I also began to build some of my own “apps” and this led me into my first real office job.

Fast forward about 15 years, I got married, had two kids, and a dog I started to miss tinkering in the garage and getting my hands dirty.

I had stumbled across a video from Jimmy DiResta and that got me hooked!

Over the years I had started to gain a collection of tools or borrowed some of the larger tools from my Dad.

I saved up and bought a replacement for my 12-year-old digital camera by purchasing an 8-year-old digital camera that had video capabilities.

I shot my first video probably a year before I actually released it on YouTube but I was Gary Vaynerchuk who lit the fire and got me to publish the video.

I used YouTube as the reason to take the time to get into the shop and actually make something!

I post new stuff on Twitter and Instagram.

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