Adam Patterson

My name is Adam Patterson and I'm a full-time programmer and father. I make simple projects out of salvaged wood, steel, and other goodness.

I built this puzzle from a disassembled photo of it. That meant that I had to solve the puzzle after building it in order to know if the pieces were correctly arranged. For this project we will need: 6 1×1 blocks6 2×1 blocks3 3×1 blocks And while not necessary, a crosscut sled will really help with the repeatable cuts. I started off by squaring up cherry scraps, I aimed for it to be around…

A toilet paper tower made out of scrap pine wood.

I think by now, we all know about the “trying times” and our lives have been inconvenienced more than we had anticipated. I know mine has!

I wanted to build something that was a little bit of a joke, as many people are still having trouble finding Toilet paper. I thought to my self, what is everyone doing with their stockpiled toilet paper?

So I made a Toiler paper Tower, something to hold and organize your Toilet Paper while still.

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