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I built this puzzle from a disassembled photo of it. That meant that I had to solve the puzzle after building it in order to know if the pieces were correctly arranged. For this project we will need: 6 1×1 blocks6 2×1 blocks3 3×1 blocks And while not necessary, a crosscut sled will really help with the repeatable cuts. I started off by squaring up cherry scraps, I aimed for it to be around…


A few years ago before all of the Minecraft pixel builds took off and before I really started posting to my YouTube channel I had made my daughter wooden Pixel Pickaxe and posted it on Reddit, It was by far the most popular thing I Have posted on Reddit to date, and so I decided to rebuild it, but this time as a two-part series I will also be making a Pixel Sword that you can see here on YouTube.

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