I built this puzzle from a disassembled photo of it. That meant that I had to solve the puzzle after building it in order to know if the pieces were correctly arranged.

For this project we will need:

6 1×1 blocks
6 2×1 blocks
3 3×1 blocks

And while not necessary, a crosscut sled will really help with the repeatable cuts.

I started off by squaring up cherry scraps, I aimed for it to be around 20mm but that’s not important as long as the material is accurate. 

In order to cut the pieces as needed, I used my crosscut sled with a 1x2x3 block as a stop.

Off-camera I was reaching for some scrap to check my cuts before I used the finished material.

By the end, we are going to have 6 blocks of 1, 6 blocks of 2, and 3 blocks of 3.

I gave the pieces quick sanding, nothing much because we want to maintain square pieces. 

Next, I used a flat surface and two metal blocks. Something to reference against when we do the glue-up.

You can use whatever glue you like but I chose CA glue with an activator. It’s strong and fast. But the biggest advantage is that the pieces won’t slide around on you as wood glue will do.

It’s a bit hard to tell from the video how the pieces need to be assembled so I created a Tinker Cad model found here.


After gluing I sanded off some of the glue seepages and did a final sanding to get the fit just right.

For toys, I like to use Clapham’s Beeswax finish as it’s nontoxic.

The nice folks at Starbond reached out to me over the summer and asked if I would like to try some of their products. 

This is also one of the first times that I had the opportunity to use Starbond CA glue, and I have to say the biggest benefit to me was the applicators and the replacement tips. One of my biggest problems with other bottles was the tip clogging and the lid getting glued to the tip. 

If you need some CA glue or want to try another brand then give them a shot!

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