While I was making this Rustic Candle Holder Centrepiece I stumbled across this Birch log.

This project was super quick and simple.

I started off by finding a log that was about 6 inches in diameter, something that I could easily and safely cut on my Miter saw.

Once I had marked approximately where I wanted to make my cuts it was time to chop the ends off of the log making it nice and flat.

This log could hold 3 tea candles nicely so using a Forstner bit 1″ 9/16ths or 40mm I drilled my holes approximately 5/8ths or 15mm deep.

And that’s it! πŸ‘

If you enjoyed the article, why not watch the Holiday Birch Log Candle Holder build video?

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My name is Adam Patterson and I'm a full-time programmer and father. I make simple projects out of salvaged wood, steel, and other goodness.

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