By now, we all know about the “trying times” and our lives have been inconvenienced more than we had anticipated. I know mine has!

I wanted to build something that was a little bit of a joke, as many people are still having trouble finding Toilet paper. Now, what is everyone doing with their stockpiled toilet paper?

So I made a Toiler paper Tower, something to hold and organize your Toilet Paper while still.

When building this I used some scrap wooden slats from an old bed, starting off by gluing op the boards so that I got the width I needed.

Next after planning the wood, I should have sanded it, but I did that at the end. I measured a roll of my triple-ply plush TP giving me my overall width and depth. To store 4 rolls and then using 1 would be ideal.

I had intended to drill a 1 1/4″ hole through one board and partially though the next but in my haste realized that I had the boards facing the wrong direction, so I just went all the way through.

In the end, I went with simple glued and nailed mitered joints that were less than simple to nail together, If you happen to have a nail gun then you won’t have any issues. I, unfortunately, do not so I struggled.

Since I didn’t have any round stock that matched any of my Forstner bits I took the closest scrap closet rod and reduced it on the lathe.

After applying a coat of Tung oil, it was finished!

I hope you enjoyed the project, and please stay safe!

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My name is Adam Patterson and I am located in Canada. By day, I am a full-time web developer, but in my spare time, I love to make stuff. In my videos, you will find a variety of woodworking projects that I have created out of recycled and found materials. As a father and mountain biker, I enjoy spending time outdoors and capturing my adventures through photography.

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