This has to be one of my favorite things to look at. I love how Walnut has so much character.

This puzzle is actually very simple to make.

Starting off I took some stock that had a number of ugly checks and cracks down the length. After processing the wood I marked my first piece to get an estimate for how long each piece would be.

This puzzle has 6 identical pieces each with 2 notches cut out.

When laying out where the cuts will be set your bevel gauge to 55 degrees and mark two V’s. It is very important that there is a little bit of space between each V or the pieces will be very hard if not impossible to fit together.

And Yes, a 55 degree V turned at 45 degrees at 45 degrees creates a 45 degree V. Go-figure ๐Ÿ™‚

Once each piece has been marked it’s time to get cutting.

Every piece is cut on its edge at 45 degree angle.

I accomplished this by running some scrap wood through the table saw making a 45-degree notch or channel in the word.

I then make the 2 cuts on along the layout line then flip the piece over so that the markings are down and test the cuts until we meet up with the previous cuts. This part is a little bit of trial and error but could be avoided if your bandsaw has a miter groove on the opposite side or if you made a sled.

After a bunch of sanding, I applied some tongue oil.

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