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Rear wheel, Chris King hub, Shimano Cassette, Avid Brakes, Orange Santa Cruise Bike

Before I worked as a programmer, I was a bike mechanic for many years. I ride about 20km a day commuting to and from work, I have ridden year-round for a few years now including those -30c days. Every year I have to replace the drive train and this year was no exception. You can see the terrible condition the chain and chainrings were in!

Bowl made on the wood lathe out of walnut

Last week my wife requested some wooden bowls for a market she was working. She sells custom-dyed yarn, project bags, and stitch markers. You can find her stuff here on her Etsy.

This was the first of about 5 that I made in around 2 hours, Checkout and follow me on Instagram for more up to date projects 🙂

Block of Oak with holes drilled to hold glass test tubes.

I came across a hand full of test tubes ( new ) and thought that they would make an interesting vase. I took a very cupped piece of white oak and worked it flat and reasonably square.

I drilled 3 1″ holes into the block, gave it a quick sad up to 320 grit. I applied mineral oil and a Beeswax and mineral oil salad bowl finish.

Bottle opener made from a railroad nail or spike.

Watch as I make a bottle opener out of an old rusty railroad spike!

The finish that I applied after cleaning the spike off is a pure beeswax. After heating the spike to a straw yellow I applied the beeswax and continued applying heat until the metal turned black.

Planter made from a block of walnut for succulent pants

Yes, there is snow! This video was shot only a couple of weeks ago.

While out shopping with my wife I saw these succulents in the garden centre and bought a few. I then realized I had no place to keep them.

I took a scrap chunk of walnut and created a geometric shape by cutting a 5-degree angle on all edges.

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