There is nothing more satisfying than looking at your desk or workspace and seeing some of your own fun projects that help to keep you organized.

This was a fun project, I had a rusty scrap of steel laying around and wanted to make a simple container to hold some general shop tools. I used an Oxy-Acetylene torch to braze the squares together. I am defiantly not a welder, but I really enjoy brazing. I also like the way this turned out. Follow how I built the Scrap Metal Junk Holder here.

Pencil holder made from a block of walnut

Watch as I make a very simple pencil holder for my growing collection.

I want to thank Jimmy Diresta and Gary Vaynerchuk simply because they are both inspirational and genuine people. Both Jimmy and Gary said that hey often make content and keep it unlisted but the point is that something was made. And that got me thinking about my own projects.

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