Over the holidays I made a number of these little candle holders for the family. I originally saw a similar project on Pinterest and enjoyed how simple they were.

The material is a really nice piece of Scrap Walnut that had some surprise figuring in it. This is a really simple project, that doesn’t require too many tools.

Start by measuring your matchbox and cutting a grove big enough to hide the matchbox.

In the video you will see me cutting a groove for the matchbox in the side grain, after having the candle holder for a while that was a mistake, It should have been done in the end grain to prevent the wood from warping and crushing the matches.

Next drill a 1.5″ hole the depth of a tea light.

Sand until you’re tired of sanding, and then apply the finish.

I typically use Tunge oil for everything that does not need to be food-safe but you can use your favorite finish.

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My name is Adam Patterson and I'm a full-time programmer and father. I make simple projects out of salvaged wood, steel, and other goodness.

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